Compete along with a professional data scientist.

Practice for interviews, build your CV, compete on Kaggle and apply for jobs.

Stay curious, compete & apply to great companies

How it works

Build up your profiles

Start with a one week on-boarding program and become interview-ready. You’ll then get mentored through a Data Science competition that you are actually curious about. In the end, you can show it off at job interviews.

Stay in the competition

As you’re growing on the leader boards, we will connect you to a community of Data Science enthusiasts and help you prepare for the technical interviews.

You stay with us

We have 100 days to land you a job offer*. After you get hired, you’ll pay your mentor a percentage of your first-year salary and continue to work with us. You can perhaps even join us as a mentor when you qualify.

Join a Competition with a Mentor that are both well tested.

Connect with a Mentor

for companies: leverage data competitions

It's completely free.

It’s absolutely free to hire our talents.

Submit your data challenge with us.

Submit your data and we’ll create and manage a data competition for you on a platform of your choice.  We set-up your data challenge and will manage the whole process.

We're hands-on & Kaggle Masters

Come and review our talents work results.Their projects are ready to demo and they are ready to interview.

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