Bring in a dataset, we bring a data competition to you.

Build your brand differently for the talents in Philadelphia.

Have the local talents pull new strings from your data.

For Your Problems

For Recruiting

For Research

For Training

For Team Building

How it works for companies to host events with us

Identify a problem

See what project is closest to your business or what technology stack is closest to your very own tech stack. Mark that project and fill out our data competition form! We can also build up to more interesting delivery goals like dashboarding apps or cool APIs demos.

Join a mock event

Send a representative to a mock event, on us! We have few more questions to ask after your representative attended the event. By the end, we craft your problem statement.

Book and Launch

We confirm the location, date and other logistics of your place and will be your host for this event. We invite our candidates and launch the project.

Are you in Philly? Tell us about your business.

Platform Features

It's completely free.

It’s absolutely free to hire from our candidates.

Shared SageMaker Notebooks

Candidates will submit thier work based on tested SageMaker Notebooks.

Automated Submission Scoring

Our self-service project setup will send out notifications to your team as candidates complete their tasks.

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