Weekly Review Webinars

Every week few of the candidates are joining a remote session with few mentors to go over different topics in data science such as career switch to data science, profiles updates and technology stack.


Our professional data scientists, data competition experts and mentors are here to share with you their experience and help you land your first data science job. That means getting your technical profiles review-ready by the right employers and recruiters, empowering you to stand out among other candidates and helping you to evaluate and negotiate your best offer.

The PhillyTalent team is here throughout your job search – simply book a meeting below.

We’ll help you tailor your technical profiles such as LinkedIn, GitHub and Kaggle to attract the right opportunities that match your career goals, salary expectations, and ultimately target the role you really want.




Whether you’re self taught or a recent grad from a university or bootcamp, we’ll give you the tools you need to navigate the interview process for both the screening interviews and technical interviews.



Transitioning to a new career path is just here to grow. There are many different types of skills that matters in Data Science. Let’s take a look at your skill set and strategize effective ways to make the jump into a new role.


Looking to level up in data science? Get advice on what counts and how to set yourself up for a promotion and effectively talk to management to make it happen.


Learn which job sites and tactics yield the best results in data science today, plus get tips on how to build and leverage your network.


Practice your interview skills. Get tips on how to navigate behavioral questions, approach technical interviews, and put your best foot forward.


Learn how to build and leverage your connections and avoid awkwardness and networking burn-out when it comes to networking events.


What is a good time to talk about the base salary? Not ready to sign an offer? Get advice on whether your full compensation package is in line with your market value, plus get tips on effective negotiation tactics.




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