PhillyTalent and its set of applications, including our AI-enabled project marketplace, gives candidates a vetted portfolio and a team of people that support and share it for new work opportunities. This beats sending out a resume to random connections on LinkedIn any day.

Also, read one of our cofounder’s posts on this topic on Quora with over 40,000 views from here.

Why having updated Portfolio matters?

Most serious job applicants in data science have similar qualities: They usually have a 4 year STEM degree, under 2 years of professional working experience and a lot of ambition. It’s a very competitive market and will continue to be so a successful candidate will need a very clear and thoughtful strategy. The competition for the best talent is growing and with it comes specialization of talents, broad job descriptions by companies, fake job postings by recruiters and over-promising resumes by many. Essentially a lot of noise.

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“Your Mentor Better be playing Chess and not Checkers”

Every Talent should start their mentorship relationship with their mentors with the question: “what are my competitive advantages?” This is going to be a list for most accepted applicants. Your current location? Or the fact that you don’t have to pay rent because you are living with your parents? Your Premium LinkedIn? Your rich committed GitHub repo?

You are competing with a lot of talents with almost identical backgrounds, an undergraduate degree in Statistics, CS and one or two internships and co-ops. So, every single advantage counts, but how they are played into your job-hunting strategy is more important – and that is where an invested Mentorship relationship comes into play. Your strategy can still be working with recruiters. Or taking Data Camp classes while still working fulltime at your current job. Or attending online and on-campus job fairs. Perfecting your actual resume, your interview skills, your professional network, or your LinkedIn profile and your GitHub repos.  You need to clear your mind and self-evaluate your strategy and not your odds of winning. PhillyTalent Mentors help you with a lot of these. PhillyTalent team also help you with making sure you have a minimum requirement before talking to any mentor.

“Industry Experience is Key”

To win the job at the right time. Remember this is a  competition for the companies to find the best talent and also for talents to find the job they want at the right time.

“There is a Divide”

Traditionally hiring was a “company problem.” The companies hire agencies and pay them big sums of money to fix this problem. Today, there is a growing trend in talents that can’t pay their student debt, have immigration requirements or for unfair reasons are being overlooked (age, etc.) These candidates have pressing needs and somehow are not fitting the mold the hiring agencies been using. We’re here for this reason. We are not recruiters, but we know talents and data science.


Bootcamps cause what we call “Bootcamp Fatigue.” Let us explain: Curriculum-based contents, such as what is common at Bootcamps, are 2 to 6 months of classes and coursework with deadlines. Bootcamps are vocational training programs that most of the time don’t fit our candidates’ schedule and just bad fit. The one-size-fits-all mentality of Bootcamps is simply what we disagree with to begin with. Our LogBook App helps the managers and onboarding mentors to assign content very quickly on a weekly basis. Our classes are hands-on remote sessions that enable technical mentors to work as much time with candidates as possible.

Maximum 20 hours per week. Our platform is designed around professional engineers, data scientists, product and project managers who are already working full-time at another job.

It’s completely up to you. We recommend starting with one project and three to five candidates focused on one project. But theoretically, you can manage upto 10 candidates at the same time. You can find more details from our PhillyTalent Mentorship Guidelines.

It depends. You can find more details from our PhillyTalent Mentorship Guidelines.

Kaggle Experts are invited by our Success Team individually or other current managers but if you are interested to submit a project we recommend that you contact us at

Your project. Every project will have clear tasks. You’ll be asked to submit a clear step-by-step project report and guidelines to help your candidates finish up on all the tasks. You’ll be helping your candidates, on a case-by-case basis,  e.g. committing a project on GitHub, to make sure all the steps are fulfilled by each and every candidates who joined your project.  Our candidates have access to training portfolios, topic based, and you can assign them to complete a training if you realize they require the brush-up.  

Candidates generally seek two goals:  1- Fully understanding and delivering on all the tasks you have designed for them 2- to be applied to their full-potential and beyond. This, requires your management, mentorship and leadership.

If you are in Philly, stop by our building. If not, you should contact us at with your resume attached.


Full Time

You’ve worked full-time for over three years or you are working full-time at a technology company at the time of applying.


You have access to unique, valuable projects of your own based on datasets that you can share their references with our candidates.  


You have deep knowledge in the areas in which you work and are likely a technical engineer or serving on a technical role.


You’re excited to learn the craft of technical recruiting and professional project management and will work hard for your project to grow along with your candidates.


Please send us an email to schedule a call. It’s free to hire from us.

Please send us an email! PhillyTalent is 100% free for companies looking to hire from our candidates. We also partner with hiring companies to host a data competition or a project event with the dataset of their choice.



All our training portfolios description page are public. You can find them from our menu under Join Projects and Portfolio Marketplace.


Yes. Technical recruiters makes great project managers!  


We are quite invested in our onboarding process which is broken down into two separate steps. Step one is what we call ModuleZero and it’s where we focus on candidates profile reviews, technical tests and resume preps. We also work on LinkedIn, GitHub and other profiles for each candidate and see them in action as they code with us and join our events. The second step is ModuleOne; at this milestone, we focus on building a competitive portfolio with candidates with what they already have on GitHub and have each candidate gain more training on several key technology stacks such as AWS Lambda, various databases, various storage APIs and ML Methods. By the end of the onboarding process, every candidate is ready to join many of the ongoing projects with one of our managers.

12 to 24 installments of $200 on a monthly basis.

Join an event and see for yourself if you are the right person. Our training portfolios are fit for non-tech candidates, e.g. social science backgrounds looking to gain more technical skills in data visualization.


Yes. We use Zoom, GitHub and LinkedIn for the most part. We do ask local candidates to join us for 2 sessions of their first week in our office building. However, if you can’t join us in person that is usually not a deal-breaker.

No, we welcome candidates with no prior Bootcamp experience. You will have access to our training portfolios or you can join them one by one as you wish. All payments made will be credited towards your initiation fee to start the program. This way you don’t need to wait. Time is valuable!  

We recommend you start your application process early if you don’t have a recent data science portfolio.

Professional data science managers, software developers, cloud engineers and data scientists. You can find them under the Event page under each project.

AWS Each project  leverages different set of technologies and skills. We’l provide access for Free for most technologies for our candidates. Check the specific technology stacks under each project.

We ask that you extend your work on another project. Sometimes it’s bad timing, sometimes it’s just bad luck.  But you don’t have to. You can just leave. We do our best to avoid this scenario!

Your project manager will guide you through tasks that are listed under projects leveraging many platforms. Once the Task lists are completed you’ll be assigned new tasks to leverage more technologies as your manager requires.

You can see the current list of projects under the Events page on our menu. See Join Projects or Portfolio Marketplace.


If you are not looking to switch careers and you are already working in tech, we charge our fees upfront. Anyone can join events and build their portfolios regardless of their current employment status. We always have Free tickets for in-person RSVPs. Please see our Event page for details.



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